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08. 15. 2014

Have you heard of ThredUp? My friend Megan told me about it (She tells me about the coolest things.) Whoever came up with this business idea is brilliant, and I’m kind of obsessed. 

So what is ThredUp? It’s a website that sells gently used clothing in excellent condition for women and kids. If you tend to favor certain stores and brands, you can search by brand.  You can also search by type of clothing and size. The best part: if you need to clean out your (or your kid’s closet), you can send them your gently used clothing (but make sure it’s freshly washed and in excellent condition) and they’ll pay you cash! I sent in my first ThredUp bag, but I haven’t heard how much they’re paying me for my bag yet. Any items that they don’t buy get donated (which is okay with me because I would have just taken them to Goodwill anyway.)

We all know that it gets expensive when buying clothes for your kids, especially when they seem to grow out of them every 5 minutes. I decided to give ThredUp a try, and I am thrilled with what I bought, and I got a heck of a deal!

It comes in this really cute box (the sides are covered with polka dots.) I loved the message on the top. 


When you open the box, you get another “feel good” message.  




Porter was really excited to see what I bought him.

Item #1: Baby Gap Button Down Shirt (I love that they put little tags on the clothing!)


Porter immediately started vacuuming on the clothes. I have no idea why, but it was pretty darn cute. He’s obsessed with his baby Dyson vacuum


 Item #2: Baby Gap Zip-up Hoodie




Item #3: Baby Gap Jeans


I bought everything a size up, so it will be awhile until he can wear these things, but all three items arrived in very good condition! 

So how much did I save? Well, the button down shirt was $6.99. The hoodie was $8.49, and the jeans were $8.99, BUT I had a $10.00 coupon, so even with shipping I only paid $19.44. That is less than $6.50 per item (even when I include shipping) which is obviously a lot less than I would have paid for brand new Baby Gap items. 

I ordered a few things for me, too, but they haven’t arrived yet. I’m anxious for them to arrive!

So what do you think? Have you tried ThredUp? If you want to try it out, use this link, and you’ll save $10 off your first order! 



08. 07. 2014


If you’re in need of a new diaper bag (or even a work bag), you’re in luck because I have another giveaway for you guys today! 

Lina Jake recently sent me their Lina.J bag, and I absolutely love it. It comes in three gorgeous colors: orange, purple, or green.  I received the green one.


The snakeskin pattern is beautiful, and I love how versatile this bag is. It can be worn three different ways, and the leather handles and polyester exterior make it very easy to clean.  It’s extremely well made, and at 13 inches wide, it’s definitely big enough to hold everything you need. 


Since school is starting back up soon, I’ve got work on the brain, so I decided to turn my Lina.J bag into a work bag. While this bag could be used as a diaper bag as well (that’s what it was designed to do) I do think cloth diapering moms would have a more difficult time fitting everything in–cloth diapers are thicker and bulkier–but I’m sure it could be done! The Lina. J bag has a TON of pockets, so in my opinion, it’s great for either use! The two pockets on the sides could easily be used for bottles or water bottles. 


Can you tell which books I’m teaching first this quarter? :)


 Again…I’m not sure how fashion bloggers do this whole “take pictures of yourself” thing. 

Porter wanted in on the action. I don’t know what he was laughing at, but it was so cute that it made me laugh, too. 


And then he wanted to give kisses which I gladly take whenever they are offered. 


If you’re interested in winning your own Lina. J bag, just enter below! If you’re anxious to get one now (or if you don’t win) use the code babyblythe20 for 20% off your order on Lina Jake’s website! This giveaway will end at 12:00 a.m. (central time) on 8/16/14. 

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08. 02. 2014


Okay, you’ve probably heard of Stitch Fix by now, and maybe you’ve been skeptical to try it. I was, too. I heard about it awhile ago, and while I thought the idea was brilliant, I didn’t like the idea of paying a $20 styling fee that I would lose if I didn’t like any of the clothes. I never shop for myself anymore.  I do shop online with varied success, but shopping for myself in stores has gone out the window. The only shopping I do is when I throw a $17.99 shirt in my cart at Target without trying it on.  Then I try it on at home, decide I hate it half the time, and return it the next time I’m at Target (which let’s face it, is usually just a few days later.) Well, for my birthday I decided to treat myself and try it out. 

Before I show you what I received and what I am going to keep, let me explain what Stitch Fix is for those of you who don’t know. Essentially, when you join Stitch Fix, you fill out a pretty extensive style profile. This helps the stylists get to know you and what you like and don’t like. Stitch Fix also encourages you to attach a Pinterest style board (here’s the one I attached), and I think this is essential to getting a box that is perfectly geared towards you and your style.  A stylist looks over your profile and Pinterest board and selects 5 items to send you. You can determine your budget and you can also exclude certain things or types of clothing. For instance, I said no jewelry/handbags/accessories. I have no problem shopping for those things on my own, so I wanted my stylist to focus mainly on tops and bottoms (but mainly tops.) There is also room to include a note to your stylist. I was very specific and said I was looking for some casual pieces that could be dressed up for work. I also said no shorts, high-waisted anything and no cropped tops. You are charged a $20 styling fee, and you decide when you’d like your fix to be delivered.

When your items arrive in the mail, you will receive a personalized note from your stylist (I liked this!) and some styling cards that give you some ideas on how to wear the items in your box. You try everything on and decide what you’d like to keep and what you’d like to return.  You have three business days to decide. If you decide to keep anything, your $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase. If you decide to keep everything in your box, you earn a 25% discount. If you decide to return everything, you do lose your $20 styling fee, but returns are always free. One thing to note is that Stitch Fix is not a monthly subscription service unless you want it to be. You decide how frequent or infrequent you’d like to receive your boxes. I don’t know of many subscription services like that, so that really appeals to me. 

My fix came a few days early, and I literally ripped it open the moment I received it. It was like Christmas! When I pulled out all the items, the first thing I thought was “My stylist nailed it!” And she did. Every piece appealed to me in some way, and I was impressed with what she came up with. The only thing that bothered me was the range of colors. It literally looked like the 4th of July (pictures below.) 

Here’s the set of style cards that I received.


Now before I show you the pictures, you should know that I did attempt to take pictures when I was actually wearing the clothes. This failed miserably. My first thought was “How do fashion bloggers do this?!” My friend Brittney does this effortlessly.  I’m jealous. Anyway, I resorted to just taking pictures of the clothes. It’s better this way. Trust me. 

Item #1: Brixon Ivy Wesley Printed Flutter Sleeve Dress


 Price: $98.00

This dress is really cute. I love polka dots, and I love the sheer fabric. It felt really good on, and it was nicely made. Sounds like a win, right? Well, it had one tiny problem. It was too short (at least too short to be able to wear to work) and I just could not justify spending almost $100 on a dress that I couldn’t wear to work. Verdict: RETURNED.

Item #2: Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank


 Price: $48.00

I wanted to love this tank. It was really soft, I liked the embroidery on the front, and it fit me well. Out of the five pieces, this was David’s #1. Again, I wanted to love it, but I didn’t. Maybe I’m just cheap, but I have never in my life spent almost $50 on a TANK TOP.  If it was $15 cheaper, I may have kept it.  And again, I couldn’t wear this to work and summer is almost over, so I couldn’t justify it. Verdict: RETURNED.

Item #3: Mystree Jackie Striped French Terry Asymmetrical Jacket


Price: $78.00

This jacket is cute and really warm. I liked the asymmetrical style, I love stripes, and when I paired it with skinny jeans, a scarf, and some boots, it would be a totally cute outfit for fall, but (you knew there would be a but, right?) I just didn’t love it. David said I could “rock it” and it could be a fun piece to have in my closet, but I just wasn’t 100% sold on it. Again, if it was $20 cheaper, I probably would have kept it. Verdict: RETURNED. 

Item #4: Kensie Jeans Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean


 Price: $88.00

I love skinny jeans, and when I saw these in my box, I knew that my stylist paid attention to my Pinterest board. I think I pinned like 5 pairs of red or burgundy skinny jeans.  I really was hoping for burgundy (I’ve been on the hunt for them for over a year now), but I still love these. They are SUPER soft and comfortable, and I love the pop of color. I have a similar bright blue pair that I love to wear. Plus, these fit me SO well. Usually I have a hard time buying jeans or pants online without trying them on, but these fit just right. My only problem? THE PRICE. Again, maybe I’m just cheap, but I’m pretty confident that I could find some red skinny jeans that I love just as much for half this price. I really really really wanted to keep these, but I just couldn’t. Now I’m on the hunt for red skinnies (and I’m still looking for burgundy ones, too.) Verdict: RETURNED.

Item #5: Pomelo Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse


 Price: $58.00

The moment I saw this blouse, I had a pretty good idea that I was going to keep it (spoiler alert.) It is definitely something I could wear to work, but I knew I could also wear it with flats and skinny jeans on the weekend, too. I like the stud detailing, and the sheer fabric is really soft. Normally I would not spend almost $60.00 on a shirt, but with the $20 styling fee I already paid, it seemed like I was only paying $38.00 instead of $58.00 (how’s that for logic?) Verdict: KEPT!

If you’re interested (uh, you’re probably not) here’s how David ranked the items from most favorite to least favorite: Racerback Tank, Red Skinny Jeans, Moni Stud Blouse, Wesley Printed Flutter Dress, Asymmetrical Jacket. 

So…will I do it again? Absolutely! It seems like my biggest hang up is the price of the items. I think I am going to change the budget on my profile (I didn’t have the cheapest options selected) and see what I get next time. I don’t think this is something I am going to do every month, but I could see myself trying it every 2-3 months.  Plus, having a “stylist” makes me feel fancy. 

If you’re on the fence, I would definitely say go for it. Every item I received was of high quality, and I did think that each piece fit my individual style. If you do end up joining and you use my Stitch Fix link, I will get some credit towards my account (thank you!) but once you join, you’ll have a referral link that you can send out to your friends, too. 

So, have you used Stitch Fix? Do you want to? Do you hate me for returning something that I should have kept? 



07. 31. 2014

When I was first creating my baby registry, I knew we were going to cloth diaper, but I had no idea what cloth diaper related items (if any) I should register for. I ended up registering for some diapers, and only ONE person purchased any of those diapers for us. I was very thankful that she did, as it decreased the amount we had to spend on the diapers ourselves, but I wish more people had. Looking back, I wish I would have registered for other cloth diapering items as well.

I put this list together for any cloth diapering mama-to-be or for anyone who is looking to purchase a gift for a cloth diapering friend.

Gifts for a Cloth Diapering MamaGift #1: I haven’t been using Spray Pal’s Splatter Shield for long, but boy, does it make a difference when it comes to poop. Let’s talk about poop for a second. I think most people think poop makes cloth diapering scary. It definitely is the worst part about it, but it’s really not that bad. Before Porter started solids, I didn’t have to do anything special to the poopy diapers. Once he started solids, I had to start spraying the diapers with a diaper sprayer. Now diaper sprayers are a wonderful invention, but there is a learning curve, and to this day, I never figured out the perfect spraying technique. Toilet water always splashed somewhere where it shouldn’t have (either on me, the wall, or the floor.) But, Spray Pal recently sent me one of their amazing splatter shields, and I tell you what: this is an amazing invention. It does exactly what it is designed to do; it shields that nasty, poopy toilet water, and it makes spraying diapers a lot easier.

Gift #2: Speaking of diaper sprayers, a diaper sprayer would make an excellent gift. This honestly makes all the difference in cloth diapering, and when I was trying to convince David to be on board to cloth diaper, he said he was on board…as long as we had a diaper sprayer. I wrapped one up for him and put it under the Christmas Tree (Porter was due on Christmas Eve.) I don’t regret that purchase for a second.

Gifts #3 & 4: Most cloth diapering moms will also be using cloth wipes. Any soft fabric or baby washcloth will work just fine or you can purchase something like Grovia Cloth Wipes. I also found some adorable cloth wipes on Etsy from LBCOrganics. To go along with the wipes, you could also gift some cloth wipe solution. I love Lusa Organics Booty Juice; it smells delicious!

Gift #5: Wet bags are a definite must for all cloth diapering moms. We have 4-5 of them. There are many brands and styles, but I like the Skip Hop or Planet Wise wet bags.

Gift #6: Not all diaper rash creams are created equal, and cloth diapering moms will need one that is safe for cloth diapers. There are many diaper rash creams that are marketed for cloth diapers, but recently I’ve been grabbing CJ’s Butter whenever Porter gets a little red.

Gift #7: Why not get that cloth diapering mama or mama-to-be an adorable diaper to add to her stash? I, of course, am a fan of bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers, but some may prefer prints over solids. Best Bottoms has a wide variety of adorable prints. This hedge hog print is precious!

Gift #8: Diaper liners are not necessary to cloth diaper, but they do make poopy diapers easier to deal with. We use Grovia liners, and I love that they are flushable. Sometimes it eliminates the need to use the diaper sprayer, but oftentimes it just makes spraying the diaper easier and not quite as daunting.

Cloth diapering friends, what am I missing? What would you have loved to receive as a gift?



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