8 Gifts for a Cloth Diapering Mama

When I was first creating my baby registry, I knew we were going to cloth diaper, but I had no idea what cloth diaper related items (if any) I should register for. I ended up registering for some diapers, and only ONE person purchased any of those diapers for us. I was very thankful that she did, as it decreased the amount we had to spend on the diapers ourselves, but I wish more people had. Looking back, I wish I would have registered for other cloth diapering items as well.

I put this list together for any cloth diapering mama-to-be or for anyone who is looking to purchase a gift for a cloth diapering friend.

Gifts for a Cloth Diapering MamaGift #1: I haven’t been using Spray Pal’s Splatter Shield for long, but boy, does it make a difference when it comes to poop. Let’s talk about poop for a second. I think most people think poop makes cloth diapering scary. It definitely is the worst part about it, but it’s really not that bad. Before Porter started solids, I didn’t have to do anything special to the poopy diapers. Once he started solids, I had to start spraying the diapers with a diaper sprayer. Now diaper sprayers are a wonderful invention, but there is a learning curve, and to this day, I never figured out the perfect spraying technique. Toilet water always splashed somewhere where it shouldn’t have (either on me, the wall, or the floor.) But, Spray Pal recently sent me one of their amazing splatter shields, and I tell you what: this is an amazing invention. It does exactly what it is designed to do; it shields that nasty, poopy toilet water, and it makes spraying diapers a lot easier.

Gift #2: Speaking of diaper sprayers, a diaper sprayer would make an excellent gift. This honestly makes all the difference in cloth diapering, and when I was trying to convince David to be on board to cloth diaper, he said he was on board…as long as we had a diaper sprayer. I wrapped one up for him and put it under the Christmas Tree (Porter was due on Christmas Eve.) I don’t regret that purchase for a second.

Gifts #3 & 4: Most cloth diapering moms will also be using cloth wipes. Any soft fabric or baby washcloth will work just fine or you can purchase something like Grovia Cloth Wipes. I also found some adorable cloth wipes on Etsy from LBCOrganics. To go along with the wipes, you could also gift some cloth wipe solution. I love Lusa Organics Booty Juice; it smells delicious!

Gift #5: Wet bags are a definite must for all cloth diapering moms. We have 4-5 of them. There are many brands and styles, but I like the Skip Hop or Planet Wise wet bags.

Gift #6: Not all diaper rash creams are created equal, and cloth diapering moms will need one that is safe for cloth diapers. There are many diaper rash creams that are marketed for cloth diapers, but recently I’ve been grabbing CJ’s Butter whenever Porter gets a little red.

Gift #7: Why not get that cloth diapering mama or mama-to-be an adorable diaper to add to her stash? I, of course, am a fan of bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers, but some may prefer prints over solids. Best Bottoms has a wide variety of adorable prints. This hedge hog print is precious!

Gift #8: Diaper liners are not necessary to cloth diaper, but they do make poopy diapers easier to deal with. We use Grovia liners, and I love that they are flushable. Sometimes it eliminates the need to use the diaper sprayer, but oftentimes it just makes spraying the diaper easier and not quite as daunting.

Cloth diapering friends, what am I missing? What would you have loved to receive as a gift?



5 thoughts on “8 Gifts for a Cloth Diapering Mama”

  1. Hi there!
    Another special requirement for cloth diapering would be laundry detergent. Not all are created equally and you certainly want something gentle that leaves no icky chemicals that will be on sweet baby bottoms! I highly suggest Eco Sprout (amazon) or Scarlet’s suds. Scarlet’s also sells great diaper rash cream and ‘honey hiney bites’ to make wipe solution. Scarletsnaturals.com

    1. I may have to try the honey hiney bites! I’ve heard of similar products and always wanted to try!

      1. The honey hiney bites are great and the scents are so delicious! Word of warning tho; we used to make a double batch and dump it into a container with cloth wipes to keep in the travel bag. If you leave it for too long it will go rancid :-( Just be sure not to make too much at once if you don’t use it frequently!

  2. This is a great list! I think I’ve convinced one of my friends to try cloth diapering, so I will definitely be buying her some of these things. I guess the only other thing I could think of would be pail liners, probably PlanetWise.

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