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I used to be a cloth diaper brand snob, but over the past year I have tried out some other types and brands and I no longer am loyal to just one brand of diaper. In fact, I love being introduced to new types and brands of cloth diapers, so when Happy Endings offered to send me one of their Night Night diapers, I couldn’t say no!  Cloth diapering at night can be tricky, so I knew I wanted to give their Night Night diaper a try, and I wasn’t disappointed. 


First of all, the Night Night diaper features double leg gussets to help prevent leaks. No other diaper I own has this feature, so I was really interested in trying it out. 


It also has a built in insert, as well as a pocket for an extra insert. I turned the diaper inside out so you could see the built in insert.  I hang dry all my diaper covers and shells, and I will say that this diaper takes a long time to dry. This is due to the built in insert, so if you hang all your diapers to dry, don’t count on using this diaper again for several days. I was also sent an additional charcoal bamboo insert to try out. 


So how does the Night Night diaper measure up? I am happy to say that Porter has worn this diaper for many nights and naps, and he has never leaked once. So as far as I’m concerned, the Night Night diaper lives up to its name! These diapers are really affordable, too. Even with the extra 5 layer charcoal bamboo insert, this diaper runs for $12.99, so if you’re looking for night time solution, I would give Happy Endings a try! 


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One thought on “Happy Endings Night Night Cloth Diaper”

  1. Rachel,
    thanks for this post. In my experience pocket diapers haven’t worked well for my little one at night, only fitteds. I even tried disposables but with no luck. My bullet proof solution is a Pooters Hemp Fitted diaper with a PUL cover. They’re designed for up to 12 hours of leakage protection (they hold up to 1,000 ml of liquids). They have natural fibers so my little guy never gets rashes, and the elastic in the legs and back let my little guy do move without restriction and without leaks.

    Curious… how do you think this diaper compares to Pooters? Also, what other cloth diapers have you tried for nighttime?

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