Alva Baby Cloth Diapers: A Deal or a Dud?

Have you ever been shopping on Amazon when something in the “Related to Items You’ve Viewed” section catches your eye? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me this morning, and I happened upon a fantastic cloth diapering deal that was just too good not to share.  

Now I’ve never purchased or used any Alva Baby cloth diapers, but I have heard good things about them. This bundle of 6 pocket diapers costs only $37.99, and that includes 6 microfiber inserts. When you do the math, each diapers comes to about $6.33 which is absolutely unheard of!  Like I said, I’ve never actually used Alva Baby diapers before, but they get pretty good reviews. (Is it weird that I spend way too much time reading reviews on Amazon?) I’m tempted to buy this bundle of diapers just to try them out.  

Now since I’m not a fan of microfiber inserts (read more about that here), I would probably go ahead and purchase these 12 Alva Baby Bamboo Inserts for $29.36. Each insert costs about $2.44, which is a really good price for bamboo inserts. Again, the reviews are pretty positive, so I feel like it would be a risk I’d be willing to take. 

What do you think? Have any of you tried Alva Baby diapers? Does this seem too good to be true? I have two pregnant friends who are both planning to cloth diaper, and I plan on sharing this deal with both of them. This bundle would be an excellent baby shower or Christmas gift!

 Thanks, Amazon for stalking me so well. 


2 thoughts on “Alva Baby Cloth Diapers: A Deal or a Dud?”

  1. How are you liking them? I have registered for the Charlie Banana cloth ones and am superrr excited to try them!

  2. I know this is an old post, but wanted to chime in that I have about a half dozen of the alva pockets & have been very pleased with them! ?

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