Porter’s Speech Therapy and My Favorite Learning Toy

I haven’t talked or written much about Porter being in speech therapy. I did mention in this post that he seemed “behind” and that I was worried about it, but other than that, I’ve kept pretty quiet.

When we took Porter to his 18 month check up, we expressed our concern about Porter’s lack of speech. Our pediatrician didn’t seem too concerned but said that we could always get him evaluated by First Steps if we wanted to. That whole process was a nightmare and it took over two months to even get him evaluated. Then we had to wait (and wait) to be contacted by a therapist, and to be honest, the entire thing was rather frustrating. At this point, Porter started to naturally pick up on more things on his own, and we were seeing a lot of improvement, but we still went ahead and scheduled our first therapy session because we figured it couldn’t hurt.

Porter has only had a handful of sessions, but I do think it’s doing good things for our P-man. We even discovered that there were things that Porter knew that we were entirely unaware of. For instance, at his very first therapy session, we discovered that Porter knew the word cat, and we had no idea because we don’t have a cat and he doesn’t really ever see cats or have much contact with them.

He seems to be making progress, so we’re happy, but I feel like I’m a little behind because most moms get to experience this a lot earlier. I love seeing him learn and say new words.  His animal noises are the cutest thing in the entire world, and I can’t help but laugh every. single. time. His voice is really high pitched whenever he “meows” and it melts my heart. My sister recently taught him what a monkey says, and it’s absolutely adorable. 

We’re still working on the difference between mommy and daddy. He calls everyone daddy, which is kind of cute and hilarious. We showed up a picture of himself the other day and I asked, “Who is that?” and he yelled with the biggest smile on his face “Daddy!” He says mama sometimes when I point to a picture of myself, but if I ask, “Who am I?” he still says daddy. I think he’ll get the hang of it soon, though. 

One of the toys I love using with Porter when we’re practicing and playing are these First Words Touch and Feel Picture Cards. We’ve actually had these cards for a long time (since Porter was about 6 months old) and he always enjoyed the touch and feel aspect, but I love using them now to practice words. When I show him the car, tractor, and truck, he can differentiate between them, and I think that’s pretty cool. He LOVES identifying the apple, and I think I could say with confidence that apple is one of his favorite words. He also loves the dog and cat. They also have these Touch and Feel Animal Picture Cards that I just ordered; they arrived a few days ago, and Porter loves these just as well! 



If you have any favorite learning toys, I’d love to hear about them. I am looking to add a bunch to Porter’s Christmas list! 



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