Toddler Tales: What’s New with Porter

There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not amazed with Porter.  Just the other day, David, Porter and I were sitting on the couch, and David touched Porter’s hair and said “We made this!” Then he touched Porter’s fingers and said “We made this!” and that is often how I feel, too. I can’t believe that we created this life, and while I’m sure there will be a million times when I’m feeling defeated and frustrated in the next 16+ years, I’m sure there will be a million more when I feel proud, elated, and so full of joy. 

Porter is growing up to be such a little man, and he is learning so much every day.  Here are some things that are new with P-man:

He loves to talk! He’s still in speech therapy (and I plan to write an update about that, soon), and it seems like every day he learns a new word or phrase.  I know that he’s still “behind” for his age, but I’ve grown so proud of what he’s accomplished! He’s starting to form sentences, too.  Here are some of his newest phrases.

I did it! He loves saying this with so much enthusiasm after he accomplishes almost anything. It’s the cutest thing. 

Take a picture? This is really new, but he’s started to randomly ask us to take pictures of him. He makes this request randomly throughout the day, and as soon as you pull out the phone to take the picture, he yells “cheese!” He doesn’t always look at the camera when you take the picture, but we have been getting a kick out of it. Sometimes he’ll ask me to take his picture and four seconds later, he’ll say, “Daddy, take a picture?” 

Porter cheese

Mama’s phone,  We try to limit electronics, but we do allow Porter to occasionally play on our phones or my kindle. He really loves the Puzzingo app and would play it for hours if we would let him. The free version only has so many options, but we ended up caving and buying the full version, which I swore I would never do. While it’s fun for him, he’s also learning, so we’re okay with letting him play every once in a while. He DOES throw a fit whenever we say he’s all done, though. 

Maggie outside! Porter loves Maggie, but he’s recently picked up on her cues that she gives whenever she needs to go outside. She usually whines or shakes her head and within seconds of this happening, Porter will say, “Mama, Maggie outside?” 

Play with blue car? David’s parents bought Porter this toy car in the fall, but we haven’t really gotten much use out of it until recently. Even when it’s freezing outside, Porter wants to play with it.  I’m sure we’ll get a ton of use out of it this summer, too. 

 So, he’s talking a ton, and we love it. It’s been so fun to see his progress. I’m on Spring Break, so when David left for work this morning, he gave me a kiss. Porter immediately said “Daddy, give Mama mmmmmwha (kissing sound).” #adorableitellya

He also loves playing this game in which he says the names of everyone and he’ll say it over and over again until you mimic the way he says the name.  For instance, he’ll say “MaMA!” and he’ll stress the second syllable more than the first (for my English teacher nerds, think iamb). He does the same for Daddy and Maggie, and he’ll just keep repeating himself until I say “Por-TER!” with the same emphasis. It’s hilarious. When he says Maggie, we have to pretend that Maggie is responding, and he gets a kick out of that, too. 

Finally, he loves playing another game when he’s playing with (not reading) his books.  He’ll open to a page of his book and say “Where’s the (blank)?” and then he’ll point to whatever it is and repeat the word. This is a game he plays with himself, as he’s not actually asking US to find whatever he asked for. For instance, he might say. “Where’s the hat?” and then he’ll point to the hat and say “HAT!” If there are numerous hats, he’ll keep pointing to each hat and say “more hat.”  I think he’s replicating what we’ve been doing for so long when we’ve asked him to point out certain things in his books, but he’s likes to play this game by himself. 

He loves puzzles! Puzzles are some of his favorite things lately, and he’s really good at them. His speech therapist has even mentioned that he can put together puzzles that are really meant for kids 1-3 years older than him.  

We recently bought this floor puzzle for him, and he LOVES it.

Porter Puzzle

It’s actually quite difficult.  In fact, there have been a few times when he’s taken out every piece to all the puzzles and then decided that he wants to play with something else. He did this the other day, and my sister and I had to put them all together. We felt dumb because it took us a lot longer than it probably should have. 

 He loves counting and reciting his ABCs.  He counts and spells everything.  If there is something visible to him with letters, he always says each letter.  If we’re driving and stopped at a stop light, he often spells out whatever letters he can see on any billboard or semi truck in sight. He loves spelling his own name, and has recently learned that the word name in his case, actually means Porter. We used to ask, “How do you spell Porter?” and he would tell us. Now, we ask “How do you spell your name?” and he it spells it. I love seeing him learn!  However, we’ve asked “What’s that spell?” after he’s recited it so many times, that he now responds “Porter!” after he spells a lot of things. The other day, I spelled “Mama” and asked “What’s that spell?” and he yelled “Porter!” 

David took Porter to the doctor the other day because Porter had to get his blood drawn. In the waiting room there was a little girl who was about 3-4. The mom of the little girl said to her daughter, “Why don’t you show the little boy how to count the fish?” So the little girl and Porter went to the fish tank. The girl counted to ten while pointing to the fish. When she was finished, Porter continued with “eleven, twelve, thirteen…”  Now, he can’t count all the way to twenty without some errors, but he still does pretty good.  

He has opinions and is developing his own personality. I mentioned this in another post, but Porter doesn’t always eat three successful meals a day. He used to be SUCH a good eater, and while he’s still pretty good, there are days when he just flat out refuses to eat lunch or dinner. He always eats breakfast, as it’s his favorite meal of the day (mine, too!) but sometimes he would rather not eat lunch or dinner. We try not to get into the habit of just making him something else that we know that he’ll eat. Our pediatrician said not to worry too much about it as “he’s two” and it’s normal. 

There was one night a few weeks ago when Porter woke up in the middle of the night. He doesn’t do this often, so we knew something was up. We finally figured out that he was hungry when he asked for waffles (faffles). It was about 1:00 a.m. and David and I both had to work the next day (not to mention David and I were still nursing a cold that Porter had given to both of us), so we gave in and sat at the kitchen table miserably while Porter laughed and enjoyed a midnight snack. Then Porter asked for “Piggy” (Peppa Pig) and as it was apparent that he wasn’t going to bed any time soon, we gave in and allowed him to watch an episode of Peppa Pig.  It took us a few hours to finally get him to go back to sleep, and none of us got too much sleep that night, but looking back, it was pretty funny. The entire episode was “so Porter.” 

Another weird quirk about Porter is that he hates when his hands are messy. He throws an absolute fit if there is something on his hands.  He gets this from David as David avoids foods like ribs and chicken wings for the sole reason that he doesn’t like the mess. Anyway, if he’s eating a banana and part of the banana string (you guys know what I mean, right?) gets on his hands and he can’t get it off, he throws a fit.  Just last night, we were eating cake for dessert, and Porter wanted to eat his with his hands instead of his fork. Well, the cake was kind of sticky and he immediately realized that it was getting all over his hands. You would have thought the world was ending and he refused to eat the cake. #moreforme

He really is becoming such a big boy! Porter, we love you so much! 


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