Where’s my Baby? (Cayia at 5 Months)

Okay, so I realize this is going to sound utterly ridiculous, and know Cayia is only 5 months old, but I already feel like she’s not a baby anymore. I know that she is still a baby, but she’s growing too quickly and I just can’t take it. I know I will blink and before I know it, she’ll be walking and talking and asking me to put her hair in pigtails (she’ll have to grow some hair first.)  We’re going to start her on solids next month, and I can’t believe it’s already time for that! We went the baby led weaning route with Porter, and we plan to do the same with Cayia. She watches us a lot while we eat, and she’s reached out for a few things before, so she’s definitely interested. 


She is rolling over both ways which has actually caused some issues as of late. Even though she rolled from her belly to her back first, in the middle of the night, she will often roll from her back to her belly and then, for lack of a better term, she gets royally pissed.  I don’t know if she’s doing it while she’s completely asleep, and even though she can roll from her belly to her back, for some reason she won’t roll herself back.   This is happening a few times a night, and just rolling her back does not solve the problem. Once she’s upset, she won’t calm down unless I nurse her. I’m worried we’re forming a bad habit, but I don’t know what to do otherwise. Porter never had this issue. Of course all this is happening right after she just started to sleep better at night. I know I should be all “Yay! She’s so strong! She’s rolling over!” but baby girl, I like my sleep, too. Let’s hope it’s just a (short) phase. 


Baby girl is cooing, laughing, and interacting with us a lot.  Porter loves to make her laugh, and it usually doesn’t take much. If Porter laughs (even if it’s a fake laugh) she often erupts into giggles.


I love watching Porter interact with her. He loves her so much that it makes my heart hurt. I don’t know how many times a day he says “Give Cayia a hug and a kiss?” It’s seriously the cutest.  Just last night, David was trying to make  Cayia laugh and was saying “Hi, baby girl!” over and over again. Porter put his hand on David’s arm to stop him (he’s so grown up, that boy) and said, “No, Daddy. My turn.” Then he turned to Cayia and said with a big smile plastered on his face, “Hi, baby Cayia, hi!” I hope they stay the best of friends (and I especially hope he continues to look after her and protects her from mean boys when she’s older.) 

month5-68Cayia is also sucking her thumb which is something Porter never did. At first we were worried about it, and I had visions of her being the only kindergartner who still sucked her thumb, but then I quit worrying. It helps soothe her, and like everything else, I know it’s just a phase. 


So, baby girl, try not to grow up too fast and stay a baby just a tad bit longer. 


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