Friday Favorites

I know I’ve been a terrible, no good blogger lately, and I’ve had a week if you know what I mean, so I’m glad to be mentioning some of my recent favorites today! 

Aren’t matching jammies the cutest? I never thought I would dress up my kids in matching anything, but it’s kind of hard not to love matching jammies. I got these toddler skeleton jammies from Old Navy and Porter is still wearing his because, well, they fit (and he’s growing like a weed so not much fits right now!) It looks like the baby version is still available, too, in case you want to order ahead for next year! I just ordered some Christmas ones from Hanna Andersson. (If you’re a first time customer, use the link to save 20%!)  

skeleton jammies

I randomly came across these Pregnancy Problems Illustrations, and I about died. It’s perfect. 

My good friend Lauren recently wrote this blog post called The Struggle Days in Parenting. It’s a must read! 

Have you heard of The Bouqs? It’s an online flower company, but not just any online flower company. I recently used The Bouqs for both my mom and mother-in-law’s birthdays and the flowers they received were gorgeous (much better than traditional order off the internet flowers in my opinion.) Plus, you get free shipping (which is rare for online florists.) PLUS, if you order from that link, you’ll get one bouquet for free (so you’ll be able to send a pretty impressive bouquet for the price of one.) Lastly, the prices are awesome! I don’t send flowers often, but when I do, I always feel like the size in bouquet does not correlate with the price I paid. I swear The Bouqs will change how you feel about ordering flowers online. 

Have you guys started your holiday shopping? I’ve slowly started, but I’m starting to panic that I need to kick it in high gear. I do most of my holiday shopping online these days, and while I’ve written about it before, I have to mention Ebates. Seriously, if you’re not on board already, sign. up. now. It’s my absolute favorite way to save money while shopping online. I swear it works and it’s not a gimmick! Since I’ve been a member, I’ve earned a total of $473.58 back!


Most of my favorite stores are on there. For example, shopping through Ebates earns you 2.0% cash back at Target, 6.0% cash back at JCPenney, 6.0% cash back at Ulta, 6.0% cash back at Groupon, 6.0% cash back at Nordstrom, and I recently discovered that even Etsy is on Ebates. I wish I would have known that because I buy a lot of gifts off of Etsy. I seriously always check Ebates before I shop anywhere online. It’s super easy, and you can still use coupon codes to save even more money. 

Tomorrow we are heading to a friend’s for a Friendsgiving. I’m making the best (and embarrassingly easy) fall dessert: pumpkin dip. This is the recipe I use (though I don’t put it in a pumpkin.)  Whenever I bring it anywhere, people ask for the recipe. #winning

Have a great weekend, friends!


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