Happy Holidays from the Blythes!

Merry Christmas Eve, my friends! We are all nursing colds over here, but I am enjoying some unusually warm weather for Indiana and some time off of work with my babies. Christmas Eve has always been one of my favorite days of the year, but it is especially special to me since it was Porter’s due date.

Here’s the Christmas card we sent out this year. David thought I was silly for dressing them up in matching jammies, but the outcome was adorable. I can’t wait to dress them both in these jammies tonight, too! 

HolidayCard2015I know Cayia doesn’t seem too happy, but the backside shows how much she loves her big brother.


This season has been extra special to us because for the first time, Porter is starting to understand the magic of Christmas.  In years past, he wasn’t quite old enough to understand the idea of Santa or gifts, really, but it has been so cute to watch him experience it this year. He had lots of fun helping us decorate the tree, and he didn’t take the ornaments off and yell “ball!” and throw them on the ground like he did last year. #progress


A few years ago, a friend of ours bought us Elf on the Shelf. We hadn’t brought it out since we thought Porter was too young, but this year we did. We named him Riggle, and while I’m not sure Porter entirely understands what he’s for, it’s been fun to watch his reaction to Riggle’s antics. At first he was kind of scared of him, but he warmed up to him within a few days. 


Side note: apparently there aren’t any E’s in Alpha Bits cereal?! I had to perform surgery on a B to be able to spell Porter’s name. 


Even though he was excited to go see Santa, he wasn’t too sure about him once it was actually our turn to see him. So far, we are 0 for 3 with our Santa visits. Cayia didn’t mind hanging out with St. Nick, though! 


From our family to yours, have a very happy holiday! 

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