Porter is THREE!

Porter turned THREE a few days ago, and  absolutely cannot believe how quickly the past three years have gone. When he turned two, there was still a lot of baby left in him. Now he’s just straight up a little man. David taught him how to pee standing up.  If that doesn’t say “little man,” I don’t know what does! 

If three was an adjective that described a child’s behavior or temperament instead of age, I would say that Porter is REALLY three (if that makes sense.)  He is absolutely adorable, hilarious, ornery, and frustrating.  


He is so smart. I know every parent probably think his/her child is smart, but he really is. It’s amazing how quickly he picks up on things, and he can be so manipulative. He sure knows how to work the system in his favor. For instance, yesterday it had been awhile since he had gone potty, so I suggested that we go and try. He said “Okay. I go potty and then I get candy.” I said “Well, no. That wasn’t really part of our agreement, buddy.” He completely ignored me and walked to the bathroom while talking to himself saying, “I go potty and get candy.” He has also recently started to bargain with us. If he asks to play after dinner before bedtime, sometimes we’ll say something like “Okay. You can play for ten minutes before it’s bedtime.” He’ll just look at us and respond with “How about twenty minutes?” Like, who are you, kid?! 

One of his favorite responses when he doesn’t want to do something is “No, I don’t.” Usually this involves a pouty lip and sometimes tears, as well.  Likewise, for awhile, he was throwing fits and saying “I need it!” to everything that he wanted but wasn’t getting. We tried to teach him the difference between “I want” and “I need.” He seems to understand and says “I want” a lot now, but he still doesn’t like when he asks for something that he doesn’t get. I can be a pushover, but sorry, you can’t have a piece of chocolate at 7:00 a.m. 


I am amazed at the words and phrases that he’s been using on a regular basis lately, too. Recently he’s been saying “probably” and for some reason I find it hilarious.  We were doing a puzzle the other night and when I asked him if a certain piece fit in a spot, he said “probably.” Later, I prompted him to find a certain piece and he said, “I’m working on it.” Another hilarious phrase he has started saying is “I’m on it.” If we ask him to do something, he sometimes announces, “I’m on it!” and runs to go do whatever it is we asked. This kid is something else, I tell ya. 

He thrives on routine, which often works in our favor, but sometimes it backfires. If we do something once, it suddenly turns into exactly how we need to do it every time.  Lately, his bedtime routine needs to be followed to a T or complete chaos ensues. The other night David let Porter turn off the bathroom light with his toes after a bath (don’t ask) and now he wants to turn the light off with his toes all the time.


He’s extremely independent at times and wants to do a lot of things all by himself. “All by myself” is a phrase we hear multiple times a day. So, when he asks me to hold him, I can’t help but to give in and pick him up. I always squeeze him extra tight because I know that there will be a day soon when he no longer cares about mommy holding him tight. 

We celebrated Porter’s birthday with a small party a few days before Christmas. I designed some simple invites. I wanted to use a picture that showed how grown up he has become. 



He was so excited and loved having people over for his party. Whenever anyone told him “Happy Birthday,” he screamed in response, “Happy Birthday!” It was too cute. He loved getting sung to and blowing out the candles. 


On his actual birthday, we started the day with funfetti birthday pancakes (a tradition in our home) and had a pretty lazy day at home. Plus, the weather was awful, and the roads were covered with ice, so we didn’t mind staying home and cuddling in our jammies most of the day. I also bombarded my newsfeed with some of my favorite Porter pictures throughout the day. 



All in all, this little boy amazes me more and more every day. I feel so lucky to be his mommy, and while I’m trying to teach him things such as manners, how to deal with his emotions, and why it’s not nice to yell “boo!” in Cayia’s face, I know he teaches me so much more than I will ever teach him. 

Porter, we love you, buddy. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. 


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