7 Months of Baby Girl

So, forgive me, but I totally skipped out on Cayia’s 6 month update. She’s now 7 months old ( and pretty much almost 8 months at this point), It’s hard to believe that she is now closer to being 1 than she is to being a newborn. Where has the time gone?!

How is this nugget 6 months old already!

Sick as a dog but still cute as a button! (1)

Cayia has had a cold for what seems like forever. In fact, in the picture above, she was still pretty sick! It started the week before Christmas and she’s still getting over it. She’s definitely much better, and all that’s left of her symptoms is a runny nose. It was a rough period there for awhile and we had a lot of sleepless nights, but I’m glad to say that it seems that we’re on the way to being healthy again (though I can’t say our nights are always full of sleep.) 

Milestones: Our biggest milestone is that Cayia has a tooth! It wasn’t quite as traumatic as our experience with Porter’s first tooth (thank goodness.) I’ve been making it a habit to check her gums every day and a few days ago I checked one evening and noticed that her bottom gums were extremely white. I said, “I bet she pops a tooth tomorrow.” And she did! She was pretty proud of herself, too. 


Baby girl has been eating solid foods! We are doing baby led weaning (as we did with Porter) and it’s amazing how quickly she caught on. If you think about it, babies naturally put everything in their mouths, and as soon as she got a taste of food, she’s tried everything we’ve put in front of her. I forgot how messy it is, but at least we have Maggie to help clean up the mess.  She is also drinking out of a straw cup and is able to grab the cup and drink on her own when she wants! It’s amazing to watch.

FullSizeRender (3)

Baby girl is not completely sitting up on her own, though she can for short periods of time. Porter was sitting up by this point, but I’m not really freaking out because I know every baby is different. That said, while she isn’t army crawling yet, I do think she’ll crawl a lot faster than Porter did (he was such a late crawler) but we’ll see! 

Cayia is the happiest baby and is always all smiles (Okay, not always, but most of the time she has a smile on her face!) She loves to coo, talk, and squeal, and Porter loves to translate what she’s saying. 


We love you, baby girl! 


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