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2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Toddlers & Babies

I can’t believe Christmas is only a month away.  I don’t know about you, but I need to get a move on with my shopping. If you’re looking for some gift ideas for your toddler or baby, here are some things that either I have already purchased (or plan on purchasing) or that my kids already have and love! 

baby toddler gift guide

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You really can’t go wrong with books, and Porter is obsessed with his Pigeon books. He also has one Pete the Cat book that he loves, but I’m looking to add more to his collection. He was introduced to Pete the Cat by one of this speech therapists, and he immediately loved it. 

Porter has three sets of these blocks. They are perfect for tiny hands (and also perfect for building “castles” which is his thing lately.)  He’s been playing with these for at least a year and a half now, and he still loves them. 

blocks1 blocks2

My sister bought Porter one of these personalized pillowcases from Pillows2 a few months ago, and Porter loves it. Whenever I change his sheets and put this in the wash, he asks where his dinosaur pillow is. This is the perfect gift for any toddler (they have tons of different options, too, including some adorable princess ones for girls!) 

Both of my kiddos desperately need jammies, so they are definitely on our list. Old Navy has such cute ones (and they’re affordable, too!) I know Porter will love the train jammies and I love the Christmas light bulb ones for baby girl. 

I found these Brain Quest Question Cards at Marshall’s a few weeks ago and I snatched them up because I thought they would be perfect for Porter. 

I love bandana bibs! They’re so much cuter than normal bibs.  I saw these and thought they’d be perfect for Cayia’s stocking. They also have plenty of boy options, too! 

Porter loves his play kitchen (we have this KidKraft one) and he loves to make us onion, tomato, and peanut butter sandwiches. I know it won’t be long before Cayia starts to play with it, too, so I’m hoping to add this play toaster to the set. Porter played with his second cousin’s play toaster recently and loved it! 

I’m having a really hard time shopping for Cayia. I know she’s a baby and doesn’t really need much if anything, but Porter was only three days shy of turning one at his first Christmas, so it was a lot easier to shop for him. I found this owl stackerhedgehog rattle, and pop! pop! piano and thought they’d be fun little gifts for Cayia. Finally, it won’t be long before she’s eating real food, so I thought a girly plate and bowl set (though Skip Hop has tons of options) would be nice so she doesn’t have to eat off of Porter’s dinosaur ones. 

Last but not least, Porter loves to draw on our giant chalkboard that we have right off of our kitchen. I figured he’d enjoy his own chalkboard and knew this would be a perfect addition to his playroom. I love that you can add a roll of paper, too! 

If you have any great baby or toddler gift ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Have a happy and restful Thanksgiving! 

Must Have Newborn + Baby Products

A friend of mine recently announced her pregnancy and she asked if I would put together some of my favorite items. I did a similar post about two years ago, and while some of my favorites are the same, I do have some new ones to add to the list.  Plus, with a brand new newborn, I have a lot of these items on the brain, as I’m using some of them multiple times a day. 

Newborn + Baby Products

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive credit or compensation. Your support helps to keep this blog running! Thank you! 

1) Levana Snuza Oma+: Okay, so this is a new favorite product, and I truly love it.  While we used the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor with Porter, it was recalled, so we returned it and bought a double video monitor so that we could easily see (read: stalk) both kiddos. Anyway, waking up every 12 minutes when you’re already sleep deprived to check to see if the baby is breathing is not ideal, so I knew I wanted a device that would still help to monitor breathing/movement. I did a lot of research and ended up buying the Levana Snuza Oma+ (The Snuza Hero is an identical product or so I’ve read). This little device clips onto the baby’s diaper and will vibrate to stimulate the baby if it hasn’t detected movement for 15 seconds. If it doesn’t detect movement within 5 seconds of the vibration, an audible alarm will sound. I love that there are no cords, and it will indicate when the battery is getting low. We’ve been using this every night, and I’ve been very happy with it.  Even before Cayia’s umbilical stump fell off, we placed it to the side of her belly button, and it still worked just fine. Cayia is is not in cloth diapers yet, so hopefully it works just as well when her bum is sporting some cute fluff! 

2) Aden + Anais Bibs: In addition to bibs for eating, it’s nice to have other bibs on hand for when baby is in the never stops drooling stage. I love these aden + anais bibs, and as always, the prints are adorable! 

3) Baby Carrier/Wrap: A baby wrap is perfect for newborns and infants. I especially liked wearing Porter when I wanted to get some things done around the house.  Cayia goes through periods during the day when she only wants to be held, and she instantly seems comforted when I wear her. The Moby Wrap and  Solly Wrap are perfect for indoor baby wearing! 

4) Summer Infant Bib: I love these rubber Summer Infant bibs! They are perfect for catching bits of food, fold up easily for travel, and cleaning them is a breeze. If I was creating a baby registry today, I’d definitely register for a few of these. 

5) Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles: I am breastfeeding, so we haven’t been using too many bottles yet, but these are the bottles we used with Porter, and I loved them.  They held up well, and we intend to use the same bottles with Cayia. 

6) Fisher Price Rock’n Play: If I had to recommend one baby product, this might be it (though I’m not sure I could choose between this and the Marpac.) We used the Rock’n Play with Porter and are currently using it with Cayia. It’s the perfect size, as it doesn’t take up too much space next to our bed. It perfectly cradles the baby, and if by chance the baby stirs and just needs to be comforted, you can easily reach over and rock it back and forth. It looks like the newer versions have built in vibration, too! Bonus: It easily folds up for travel. We used it when we traveled with Porter when he was 6 months old and it still worked great! 

7) Marpac Dual Speed Sound Machine: I know I’ve written about the Marpac a million times, but it really is the best sound machine. I know you’ll be tempted to go with a more affordable option, but trust me; this one is worth it. 

8) Boppy Pillow: A nursing pillow is a must have, especially if you are planning on breastfeeding. I have a Boppy Pillow and it works just fine for me. I have a friend who swears by the My Breast Friend pillow, though. Also, read this post to find out how you can get a nursing pillow for free! 

9) Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: aden + anais swaddle blankets are my favorite. Not only are they great for swaddling, but they are huge, so you can use them for multiple things. In addition to swaddling, I have used them for other things such as a car seat cover, burp cloth, changing pad, nursing cover, etc. Plus, I love the adorable prints! 

10) Aden + Anais Easy Swaddle Blanket: I love swaddle blankets, but David is the master swaddler in this house, not me. This easy swaddle blanket makes it super easy to swaddle even if you suck at it.  

11) Quick Zip Sheets: Cayia is sleeping at our bedside, but I plan to transition her to her crib around 8 weeks of age like I did with Porter. Anyway, we used these Quick Zip Sheets with Porter and I cannot recommend them enough. Crib sheets are not fun to change in the middle of the night when your child has puked/peed/pooped everywhere. As a bonus, you’re probably in a zombie like sleep deprived state. These Quick Zip Sheets make it quick (hence the name) and easy. Sure, they are a little more expensive than traditional crib sheets, but they are 100% worth every penny. 

12) Fisher-Price Whale Tub: Bath time is one of Porter’s favorite things, and I hope Cayia loves it just as much. This whale tub is perfect because it has a support for smaller babies, but it can removed later when the baby is a bit older/bigger. 

13) Fisher-Price SnugaMonkey Swing: Both Porter and Cayia liked to hang out in a swing. We actually have the SnugaBunny version, but all the Snuga swings are the same. I like this particular swing, as it is not limited to swing in only one direction. 

14) Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat: We loved our Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat, and we’re using the same one with Cayia. It’s relatively lightweight and extremely easy to use. We used it in conjunction with the B-Agile stroller (which I’d also recommend!) 

15) Hand Sanitizer: This isn’t necessarily something I would register for (although you could–I’m sure someone would buy it for you!) it’s definitely something that is nice to have on hand. With how many diapers you will be changing, you’ll need a quick and easy way to make sure no germs are lingering on your hands. Plus, I love having some sanitizer sitting out in plain view for when guests come and want to handle your baby.  This Honest Co. sanitizer is great, but I also love this one from Bath & Body Works. 

Lastly, if I was registering for my first baby, I would definitely make sure to add some baby pain reliever and gas drops.  I promise you’ll be glad you have it! 


Free Stuff for Mamas!

First of all, I know I’ve been MIA. I’m going a little crazy over here waiting for baby to arrive. I know “baby will come when he/she is ready,” but that doesn’t make it any easier! 

Anyway, I recently became an affiliate and teamed up with Mothers Lounge which is a popular company that offers many affordable (and extremely useful) products for moms. I purchased a few items when I was pregnant with Porter, have already purchased one for this next baby, and am waiting until the baby is born to purchase a few more. 

Mothers Lounge is awesome because aside from having several sister sites that work together to offer many different products, you can often find discount codes that offer huge savings, and many times you can even get free products.  Now, you do have to pay for shipping, so it’s not 100% free, but in my opinion, it’s still worth it. 

As I mentioned before, they have numerous sister sites that I will outline below.

If you use the code 5EA763 at ANY of these sites, you will earn FREE product!

Disclaimer: If you use the code provided, I will earn a small affiliate credit. Thank you for helping to support this lil old blog of mine!

Carseat Canopy: This product is a must have for any mom with an infant.  They have the most adorable prints (even NFL prints if you’re into that) and while I do already have one that I bought when I was pregnant with Porter, I think I am going to get a new one.


I think the Kennedy print is darling, and it could be used for both a boy and a girl.


I also love the Kendra print. If baby is a girl, I might get that one! 

The deal: The 5EA763 coupon code is worth $49.95, so it will either earn you a free carseat canopy or $49.95 off a bundle/caboodle kit. 

Seven Slings: I don’t have any experience with purchasing or owning one of these slings, but it looks like these slings are suitable for newborns and older babies as well. You can even get the slings embroidered for an additional charge. 


This Newport print is lovely for a girl!

The deal: The 5EA763 coupon code is worth $39.95. 

Nursing Pillow: Again, I don’t have experience in using this nursing pillow, but just like the other sites, there are some adorable prints available. This nursing pillow looks a little smaller than other traditional nursing pillows, so if you find the others bulky, this may work for you! Just like some of the other sites, there are gift sets available, too. 

The deal: The 5EA763 coupon code is worth $39.95. 

Udder Covers: This is my favorite product from Mothers Lounge! I do not NEED another nursing cover. I purchased one from Mothers Lounge when I was pregnant with Porter (the name of the print was also called Porter, and since that was our boy name and I had a strong feeling it was a boy, I just had to get it.) However, I am definitely going to get another one once we know if baby is a boy or a girl. I just can’t pass up these adorable prints! 


The Andy print is the perfect gender neutral print.


I’m loving Liam for a boy!


And if baby is a girl, I will choose the Lola print!

The deal: The 5EA763 coupon code is worth $34.95. 

Breast Pads: I just recently ordered these breast pads, so I can’t attest to their quality yet, but I know that I went through breast pads like crazy when I was nursing Porter, so having some extras will be perfect. Again, the prints are adorable (I ordered black, pink, chevy, girly, and dots!) These are washable and reusable, and I know I’ll get plenty of use out of them. 

The deal: The 5EA763 coupon code is worth $35.00 which is enough to cover 10 pairs of breast pads!

Baby Leggings: When Porter was a baby, I did order some of these baby leggings, but he HATED them, so I never got much use out of them. I do think baby leggings are quite adorable with a plain onesie, so I wish he would have tolerated them. I happen to think the girly leggings are cuter/better than the boy ones, but there are a few boy pairs that I like, too! 

The deal: The 5EA763 coupon code is worth $30.00 which is enough to cover 3 pairs of baby leggings!

Belly Button Band: The final Mothers Lounge product is a belly band. I never used a belly band, but they claim it can be used during early and mid pregnancy (and postpartum as well!)  They offer a belly band and a body band which are slightly different. 

The deal: The 5EA763 coupon code will get you two free belly bands ($19.95 each) or one free body band ($39.95). 


Some Etsy Finds for Baby

As we near the arrival of Baby Blythe #2, I’ve been window shopping a lot on Etsy lately and I have found so many beautiful things that I want!  Below are just a few things that I’ve been drooling over. 

Fox Stamp Swaddle

Hand Stamped Fox Muslin Blanket 

Hand Stamped Name Blanket

Hand Stamped Personalized Swaddling Blanket 

Embroidered Minky Blanket

Embroidered Minky Blanket

Gender Neutral Outfit

Gender Neutral Outfit

Sleeper & Beanie

Newborn Sleeper and Beanie

Gown & Hat

Newborn gown and hat

Headband Set

Headband Set

Bandana Bib Scarf

Bandana Bib Scarf

Bandana Bib Set

Bandana Bib Set

And because I can’t leave Porter out…

Big Bro Arrow Shirt

Big Bro Arrow Shirt