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Big Boy Beds

I have no idea when you’re “supposed” to transition a toddler into a big boy/girl bed.  Like most things we do around here, we just follow our guts and then hope for the best. I’ve been thinking that we may try a big boy bed around Porter’s second birthday.  I’m not sure if that’s our official timeline, but I’ve been looking at some beds online, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few. Originally I thought that I wanted a Jenny Lind toddler bed since our crib is Jenny Lind style and I really like it. David didn’t really love the idea, though, so I started looking at other options. 

Here are the three that I’ve been looking at lately. 

Dream On Me Toddler

Dream on Me Mission Collection $87.59 (Black)

Davinci Sleigh

DaVinci Sleigh $99.00 (Ebony)

DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed

DaVinci Modena $104.71 (Ebony) Although, I like the grey, too! 

I’m leaning towards black or a dark wood finish, and they are all pretty similar in price, so I really have no clue which one to pick. We still have awhile to decide, but I’d like purchase it before we start our holiday shopping. 

If you have any advice or experience shopping for toddler beds/transitioning to toddler beds, I’d love to hear from you!