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“Best Decorations” Award from PartyPail.com

I recently received a wonderful email from Jenny Franklin who works at PartyPail.com. In her email she told me that it was her job to search the web for children’s birthday parties to feature on Party Pail’s website. She came across my blog post about Porter’s Winter ONEderland birthday party and revealed that PartyPail.com wanted to award me with a “best decorations” badge.

While I had never heard of Party Pail

Anyway, thanks to PartyPail.com for awarding me with the “best decorations” badge, and if you’re planning a party any time soon, make sure to check out their site!


Porter’s 1 Year Pictures!

We recently got back our pictures from Porter’s 1 year photo shoot. He is usually such a happy, smily boy, but he was really grumpy that day. Some of my favorites are below. I can’t believe how much has happened and how much he’s changed in ONE year.

-0003a -0010 -0017 -0019 -0021 -0026a -0041-0052a-0005 -0014a -0022-0048a -0045

In this last one we tried to recreate one of his newborn photos! He was a lot easier to keep still back then…


Porter’s First Birthday Party: A Winter Onederland!

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As I mentioned in this post, I planned a Winter Onederland themed party for Porter’s first birthday. These were the invitations that I sent out to our friends and family. First Birthday Card Front First Birthday Card Back2 We had about 50 people show up to help us celebrate Porter’s big day, and it was such a great time! I was really happy with the turnout! I tried to snap as many pictures before the party started, but there were still some things that I missed. firstbday-203 firstbday-201 firstbday-205 firstbday-206 I printed the hot chocolate bar sign from Yellow Bliss Road. firstbday-213 The mini chalkboard Happy Birthday banner is also from Yellow Bliss Road. It was the perfect addition to the hot chocolate cupcakes I made. firstbday-214 firstbday-212 Unfortunately I cannot take credit for the adorable chalkboard place cards. I found them on Craft Gossip. I also decorated with burlap and snowflake cutouts. firstbday-210 firstbday-217 firstbday-218 firstbday-219 firstbday-228 firstbday-230 firstbday-232 This is not a great picture, but I used our giant chalkboard that the hubby made to display our Christmas cards and a birthday message. firstbday-223 firstbday-222 I bought this amazing snowflake banner from Maisy and Alice. firstbday-221 firstbday-220 I printed 4 x 4 Instagram pictures from Ink361 and put them in the shape of a 1. Confession: It’s still hanging up because I can’t bring myself to take it down. firstbday-216 Porter loved when everyone sang happy birthday to him. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. firstbday-234 firstbday-233firstbday-237I wish I would have gotten more pictures of Porter in his onesie, but it was an adorable onesie that said “young buck” on the back, which I thought was perfect for the occasion. The front of the onesie had a deer on it with a scarf, which was also perfect for the wintery party theme!

Overall, it was a great day, and we loved celebrating Porter’s first year! His first year went by so fast that I’m sure his second birthday will be here before we know it!

Porter’s First Birthday

Warning: This is a picture heavy post.

On Saturday Porter turned one. I expected to be crying and emotional all day, but I actually wasn’t too bad. His birthday party (that will be another post!) was planned for the following day, so we had a nice, cozy day inside and it was so relaxing and nice to spend the day just the three of us.

We started the day with some funfetti pancakes. I saw this pancake mix at Target a few weeks ago, and I had to buy it. I feel a birthday tradition coming on.


firstbday-13 firstbday-6 firstbday-22

After Porter’s morning nap, we filled his crib with balloons, popped a “I am 1” shirt on him, and watched him play. He LOVED hitting all the balloons and watching them bounce around.

firstbday-69 firstbday-67 firstbday-66 firstbday-65 firstbday-64 firstbday-50

After lunch, I decided it was “smash cake” time, but Porter would have NOTHING to do with it. This is what smash cake attempt #1 looked like.

firstbday-87 firstbday-86 firstbday-84

After Porter’s afternoon nap, we decided to show Porter his big birthday gift: his train table! David stayed up late the previous night to put it together, and Porter already loves it. I know it’s going to be well worth the money!

firstbday-101 firstbday-99 firstbday-98 firstbday-94 firstbday-93

Next it was time to take his 12 month monthly photo. This one was by far the most difficult to take, and as sad as I will be to not take monthly photos in the upcoming months, it will be nice not having to try to get him to sit still for the camera. This boy loves to move! Just like months 10 and 11, the only way we could get him to sit still (even momentarily) was to play and show him videos on our phones. I was able to snap a few pictures and then all Porter wanted to do was stand and look out the window.

firstbday-107 firstbday-106 firstbday-104

firstbday-126 firstbday-123 firstbday-119

Since he was relatively happy, we decided to give the smash cake another go.


I made a “healthy smash cake.”

I found the chalkboard banner on Pinterest awhile back, and I already had matching straws and baker’s twine to complete the look. The recipe was close to this healthy banana cake, and I made a slightly different greek yogurt frosting. This time around, he seemed more into it, but for some reason, he was not into the banana cake or the greek yogurt frosting. He loves bananas, and he loves yogurt, but the combo must not have worked for him. Eventually I ended up giving him one of the hot chocolate cupcakes that I made for his birthday party, and he devoured that!

firstbday-131 firstbday-142 firstbday-144 firstbday-146 firstbday-152

firstbday-173 firstbday-170 firstbday-164 firstbday-161 firstbday-157

After we put Porter into a sugar coma, he definitely needed a bath, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing and snuggling. My sister brought dinner over (a pork recipe that Porter loved) and shortly after dinner, we put Porter to bed. I quietly sang “Happy Birthday” to him again as I fed him his bedtime bottle and gave him an extra kiss before putting him in his crib.

All in all, it was a good day, and every time I looked at the clock, I tried to remember which stage of labor I was in at that time a year ago. It’s surprising how quickly those 365 days adding up to his first year of life passed, and I can’t believe we were blessed with such a beautiful, sweet little boy.

P.S. Does anyone else receive those Baby Center weekly emails? I checked my email today and instead of the subject line reading “My Baby This Week,” it said “My Toddler This Week.” That one hit mama hard.

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